MerinoOne.Health, the Merino solution for registration, health monitoring and contact tracing support

We help our customers, mostly medium to big size manufacturing companies, to keep the workplace as safe as possible in Corona times; allow you to continue operations and protect your reputation. 

Recent outbreaks in (meat) factories and the associated need to better monitor and register employees and visitors to factory premises have created a threat for restarting businesses. The media coverage on outbreaks in factories, where employees infect each other by not following corona rules and companies not being able to avoid these outbreaks, form a risk for the employees, the factory operations, the companies public image and its possibility to ramp up production after the recent lock down. Most companies today are not equipped to monitor, register and control the workforce and can’t contain the risk of an outbreak.

Merino Industries recognized the issue early. With the corona crisis hitting our factories bad, we had to find a solution to protect our workforce and allow our factories and offices to re-start and go back to operations in a secure way.

Merino Industries is implementing its own solution “” which we developed together with TechWeirdo (

With the company asks employees to self-report on their health status. The app (available for both for Android and iOS) provides employees with an easy way to report on their health status. The app allows the employee to report on personal health condition or infections within their household. Only if the employee reports no health issues (and no health issues are known or indicated), the app shows ‘Fit for Work’ and the employee is allowed to access the premises. The companies access control system is linked to the system.

MerinoOne.Health , for Android & iOS

When the app reports ‘Not fit for work’, based on the status the employee submitted, the office (HR, health officials or others, this can be configured by the company) will be informed through the app and a ‘Back Office’ portal. With a ‘Not fit for work’ status, the employee is requested to stay home, contact a medical doctor or even to self-quarantine. 

The personal app for every employee is linked with a smart band to support in health monitoring: the smart band reports vital health statistics in the app and helps the employee to be aware of changes in body temperature, sleep pattern, heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation. When any of these indicators report values out of threshold, the app will warn (and the employee status is changed to “Not Fit for Work”). The employee then informs the office and, from the app contact a health professional. monitors the location of the employee: inside the company’s buildings and areas, and (if enabled by the company, depending on local privacy regulations) also in public space. When an employee or visitor reports infected, contact tracing is easy and can be done from the back office portal.

To receive visitors at our offices, provides the employees the possibility to request a visitor pass (QR code or Apple Wallet) straight from the app. By requesting a visitor pass for one or multiple days, the visitor declares that they are healthy and have not been in contact with infected people and the visitor provides their contact details. Once the visitor pass is approved by the back office (security officers or other officers), the pass can be shared (mail or Whats-app) with the visitor and access is granted. In case somebody has reported with symptoms the contact tracing for visitors is easily supported.

The app is also a communication tool for the company to inform employees and keep employees up to date with company regulations, best practices and news items.

The solution provides the following tools:

  • The personal app for every employee for health monitoring, Social Distance monitoring and alerting, Visitor registration, access approval and location tracking
  • The browser-based Portal for the Back Office (administrators, security officers, health officers and HR) to monitor the data provided by the mobile app, approve visitor requests, Monitor sick notices, attendance tracking, employee, visitor history analysis and configuration of rules in the mobile app. Personalization of the mobile app to the needs of the company is done through the Back Office Portal.
  • The Smart Band for real-time heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring, blood saturation monitoring and sleep analysis. This data is integrated with the system and alerting and analysis are done in the mobile app.

Merino has ‘productized’ the solution and is now bringing it to market. is focused on manufacturing companies, schools and hospitality businesses. The solution is general available world-wide and is supported by consultants from our offices around the world.

We are aware that Security and Privacy are big concerns. With the solution we are in control as the data is only available and shared within your organization and in the organization with only the people who are authorized. Merino and our solution do not share data with 3rd parties. We don’t share data with anybody outside of your organization. is cloud based and runs on Amazon Cloud. Security and access to the Back Office Portal is role based, Authorization is granted based on the role of the Back Office employee (administrators, security officers, health officers and HR). We use data from your employees and visitors after they have given consent for the solution to use the data. Use of the solution is subject to the rules and regulations as set by your company. The solution is meant to facilitate your company rules and measures and does not enforce non-approved rules or instructions to your people. 

Frank Manders
Director Global Services at Merino Services